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Pediatric Sleep Consultant

For almost twenty years, I have been helping overwhelmed and sleep deprived moms and dads sleep train their babies with methods that are adaptable and repeatable, enabling them to get on a schedule that works for their families.

Recently I have joined a team of just a handful of Master Pediatric Sleep Consultants in the country personally trained in The Millette Method by Dr. Angelique Millette. Upon completion of this formal training, I will be certified as a Pediatric Sleep Consultant trained in infant sleep.

Discounts are offered for Eastern Shore residents and military families.


Ann Beamer Williams

“We swear by her routine and would recommend that if anyone had a chance to work with her they would be crazy to pass up on it.”


Service Area



  • Eastern Shore of Virginia

  • Williamsburg

  • Newport News

  • Virginia Beach

  • Norfolk

  • Chesapeake

  • Alexandria

  • Arlington

  • Fairfax County

  • Loudoun County

  • Prince William County


  • Pocomoke

  • Salisbury

  • Berlin

  • Ocean City

  • Cambridge

  • St. Michaels

  • Annapolis

  • Bethesda

  • Chevy Chase


  • Rehobeth Beach

  • Bethany Beach

Washington DC

  • Washington DC

  • Surrounding 495 Beltway

elsewhere in the us

  • Phone and video consultations are also offered so you are not limited by where you live!

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Things we can work on together

  • You are in your third trimester and want to establish your plan for when you bring your new baby home.

  • You are trying to decide between breast and formula feeding.

  • You want your baby on a schedule because you have to return to work.

  • You have a fussy baby who has to be held to fall/stay asleep.

  • You are sleep deprived, overwhelmed and crying often.

  • You feel anger and resentment towards the baby or your partner.

  • Your baby screams between feedings.

  • You want to learn the five self-soothing signs.

  • Your older child is acting out now that the novelty of having a baby sister has worn off.

  • You want to understand the growth spurts and milestones your baby will go through in her first year.

  • You want tips on choosing the right child care.

  • You want tips on traveling with your baby.

    …and much more!

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Top Questions

  1. Why won’t my newborn sleep more than 45 minutes without waking up?

  2. My baby had been consistently sleeping through the night and now started waking up again. Why? What should I do?

  3. How do I help my baby drop a feeding?

  4. How long can I keep breastmilk in the refrigerator? Freezer?

  5. Does my baby really hear our voices in utero?

  6. Is it really important to read to my baby?

  7. I’m breastfeeding and about to return to work. When should I introduce a bottle to my baby?

  8. When should I start my baby on cereal? Solids?

  9. How do I know how much milk my baby is getting when I breastfeed?

  10. How do I successfully transition our baby out of our bed and into her crib?

  11. How do I get my baby to put herself to sleep?

  12. How do I choose the right child care for my baby when I have to go back to work?

  13. How many naps a day should my baby be taking?

“Ann's baby sleep methods really helped us transition smoothly into our role as new parents by developing a solid routine and giving us a well-rested, happy baby!”