My Story

My children: Caroline, Ellie and Carly

My children: Caroline, Ellie and Carly

Family Matters

I’d waited my whole life to be a mommy. I babysat from the time I was ten years old and couldn’t believe I was finally having my own baby. We were blessed with a beautiful baby girl named Caroline; the name given to my childhood baby doll. I finally had my live Caroline!


Zombie Nights

Once she arrived, there was no way I was going to let her cry, for goodness sake. So started the bad, no horrible habits of letting her “snack and cat nap” all day! I was her mobile milk supply and human hammock. She started in her crib each night but would end up in our bed way before dawn.

Every. Single. Night.

This describes how I spent the first two years of her life; enjoying watching her grow, develop, falling more in love with her every day…and dreading going to bed every night. I never knew if I would get 30 minutes sleep or if I were lucky, maybe two hours, before she would awaken. This was not at all the plan my husband and I had laid out. We had decided we did not want to share our bed with our children. Needless to say, that plan went right out the proverbial window by about the end of the first month.

I desperately needed help.

Flash forward. Caroline was two and had a sibling on the way. I began wondering how the heck I was going to nurse a newborn during the night when Caroline was still sleeping in bed with us. Come to think of it, I wondered how said sibling was even conceived, given that Caroline was always in the bed with us.


What is the Secret?

Sleep training!

Friends introduced me to a sleep training method which is hands down what changed my life; not just as a mother, but as a responsible, functioning, productive member of the human race! You think I’m kidding! I modified the method so it was in concert with our lifestyle and beliefs and couldn’t wait to get started.

Along comes Ellie, my second child to whom I refer as “my center child”, personally liking that better than the “middle child” moniker. She was a dream from day one so between her natural temperament and the fact she wasn’t my first child, honestly, applying the method of sleep training was easy because she was so laid back. She slept twelve hours a night from her 24th day on earth, breastfed only.

and then there were three

An even better test of this new method was Carly, my youngest, who isn’t necessarily laid back but still adapted quickly to the routine. She was a fast learner and actually slept through the night two days earlier than Ellie did. Now sleeping all the way through the night that early is the exception, not the norm. We will discuss that more when we talk.

Sound Familiar?

Help is Here

So, the training and consulting I offer is based on an educational and professional foundation partnered with the experience of making just about every new parent mistake, learning from it and changing. What I learned from applying the method with two of my children is that it is repeatable and adaptable, based on each child’s pre-determined temperament and personality.

Ready for your new normal?

Whether you are expecting your first bundle of joy or perhaps struggling with sleep issues with your infant, toddler or preschool aged child, I am here for you. I will help you and your family write (or re-write) your child’s sleep story that fits perfectly with your family, lifestyle and goals. By finding me, you have taken your first step towards happy days and peaceful nights and enjoying your well rested, predictable and content little one who will indeed…


Education & Experience

  • B.S. in Child Development/Family Life – Radford University

  • M.Ed. in Early Childhood Education – George Mason University

  • Worked with and cared for newborns through school aged children with different physical and cognitive abilities and needs

  • Worked as a Corporate Child Care Resource and Referral Specialist for the Fairfax County Office for Children

  • Trained family child care providers and child care center staff

  • Conducted workshops for new parents on choosing quality child care which included counseling them on child development and child care issues

  • Currently enrolled in two-year training program with Dr. Angelique Millette in the Millette Method

  • Completed 45 hour lactation education training course